Church Status • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

The Vatican has taken no official position on the Bayside Apparitions to this day. The chancery of Brooklyn (Veronica's diocese) has claimed that they have thoroughly investigated the Bayside Apparitions, but the facts belie their claims. Here is what Veronica Lueken, the visionary, said at the February 13, 1977 Holy Hour concerning this so-called investigation:

The truth about the “investigation”
Veronica—For some time now, I have been receiving (and many others have, also) circulars, copies of letters that are being given through the bishop, to all of their parishioners, read from the pulpit, and these circulars, letters, they claim are coming directly from the chancery, the Brooklyn diocese chancery.

Now in these letters, in particular, the word “spurious” is being used. Now, in God's plan, none of us have to openly defend our actions when we are being directed by Our Lady and Jesus. However, we are coming now into the “home stretch”, in my human words, I say the “home stretch”, because the evil has accelerated and many punishments are going to be given to mankind. It is the merciful heart of the Father in His plan, to bring mankind back to Him.

Now, I believe in the past seven years, only


once did I place upon tape for all to hear, the truth about the so-called investigation, made allegedly by the Brooklyn diocese. I would like people to know the truth, as only I can give you the truth, and I feel I have a responsibility to give you this truth, because I am the one who is being used as the example before others. Tto those who cannot believe, or will not believe, or who are in darkness of spirit, and will not accept the Message from Heaven —they will use all measures, whether it be lies, or ostracizing someone, passing on an untruth or fallacy. For those who believe, no explanation is necessary, and for those who do not believe the message, there will be no explanation possible.

Now I feel in my heart, when lies are promoted against a person, there is only one individual who is guiding those who use these lies to try to destroy another, and that is Satan.

No formal investigation
Now in reference to the so-called investigation made about the “alleged” apparitions, there was no formal investigation in reference to Our Lady's work in Bayside. For many years—I say many—because Our Lady first started Her work with me, through me, in 1968 with St. Theresa. During that time, I approached many priests, trying to find a spiritual director, but it was not in the will of


God, and later, of course, I found out through Jesus—His very words were, “You will do better by yourself, My child. I will direct you, you will go further.”[1] I understand now why He said that. Experience has taught me that if I had been under a spiritual director, Our Lady's message would have been silenced a long time ago.
The visionary Veronica Lueken

I want you to know the facts about the so-called investigation. I don't do this to try to cast any slight upon the individuals concerned, but the facts must be given; not in defense of myself, because I do not have to defend myself, or my actions for Our Lady; I am only in obedience to Jesus and Our Lady.

Not once contacted
Now, no investigation from the years 1968 through 19—up to 1975, not one single