Bayside Prophecies • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

Backgrounder on Bayside prophecies
There have been 296 public messages since the first message given on June 18, 1970. Almost all of the messages are available in audio format, that is the exact voice recording of Veronica in ecstasy, describing in detail what she sees, and repeating word for word what the Virgin Mary and Jesus, and other
personnages from Heaven, say to her during the course of each Vigil. The messages can
be as short as a few lines long to discourses longer than an hour. The contents can vary from descriptions of the sad spiritual state of mankind, to spiritual counsels and remedies, to prophetic visions of the future destiny of the human race if the warnings and counsels are not heeded.

3 major events
Like at the Apparitions of Garabandal, Spain, there are three major events that are predicted at Bayside: 1) the worldwide Warning, 2) the public Miracle at the village in Garabandal, 3) the Great Chastisement in two parts a) World War III b) the Earth being comet-struck.

Second Coming of Christ
Unlike Garabandal, Bayside asserts that we are living under the reign of the Antichrist, which will usher in the Second Coming of Christ, in Body and in Spirit; for the Message affirms that were He not to return, no flesh would be left on Earth.

Glorious age of peace
Then will follow the glorious age of peace as promised at Fatima. Satan will be rechained for a number of years, and then once again loosed upon the world for a final testing of mankind, and then will come the end of the world and the General Judgment.

Many minor chastisements
Before these events, God, as a loving Father, will send, and has been sending, many minor warnings and chastisements in an effort to awaken mankind from its slumber in sin. These will increase in tempo and severity as the end draws nearer. There will be great storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes in eruption, wars, revolutions, epidemics like AIDS, soul-destroying plagues like drugs, immorality, abortion, homosexuality, and murder will become commonplace. Sin will become so prevalent that charity will grow cold, and men will live in fear of each other.

Bayside has successfully predicted
Bayside has predicted successfully some specific events that have already come to pass,
like the terrorist attacks upon New York City landmarks, and the unsuccessful attempt
on Pope John Paul II's life in Rome in 1981. Most of the prophecies have yet to be fulfilled.

First, we will discuss some specific prophecies

which appear to have been fulfilled, in the next section.

AIDS Plague
“You will have visited upon you a plague!
(April 1, 1972)”
“Little did the world recognize the three plagues which originated from the mind of the Eternal Father. These plagues were called The Legionnaires' Disease, Herpes, and AIDS (Jesus, August 21,1985).”

The most spectacular prophecy already fulfilled is the epidemic spread of AIDS, and that there would be no cure for it if man does not turn away from the terrible sin of sodomy: “My children, I shall not allow the scientific world to find a cure for AIDS, because of the horrible nature of what brings in this disease called AIDS. It is being flaunted now as though the good were to be stomped upon, and the bad shall receive the glory (Jesus, August 21,1985).”

The Murder of John Paul I
“You must pray now for your new Vicar
[Pope John Paul I]. There is a foul plan afoot
against him (September 13, 1978).”

“666, Lucifer and his agents, will make a concerted effort to dethrone the present Vicar (September 28, 1978).”